Kuzomеnska L. G. language as a means of expression

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УДК 327.461

DOJ 10.25140/2412-1185-2016-2(8)-73-82

Л. Г. Кузьоменська, аспірант


Анотація. Мова не лише відтворює дійсність, а й творить її образ. Вона – абсолютно необхідна комунікативна потреба й інструмент номінування реальності. Світ думки – передумова виразності світу слова. Втім, ефективність мови як засобу вираження залежить не лише від думки, а й від власного інструментарію.

Ключові слова: мова, дійсність, образ, комунікативна сфера, світогляд, картина світу, причинно-наслідкові зв’язки.

Л. Г. Кузьоменская, аспирант


Аннотация. Язык не только отражает действительность, но и создает ее образ. Он является совершенно необходимой коммуникативной потребностью и инструментом номинирования реальности. Мир мысли – предпосылка выразительности мира слова. Впрочем, эффективность языка как средства выражения зависит не только от мысли, но и от собственного инструментария.

Ключевые слова: язык, действительность, образ, коммуникативная сфера, мировоззрение, картина мира, причинно-следственные связи.

L. H. Kuzomеnska,


Abstract. Language is not only a tool for reproduction of reality but also serves to create its image. It is absolutely necessary tool for communication needs and reality nomination. The world of thought is a prerequisite for the expressiveness of the world around us through the words we use. However, the effectiveness of language as a means of expression depends on both the thoughts and expression tools.
Variable potential of relationship between language and philosophy is extremely lengthy and heuristic: the language and philosophy can be both a subject and object of such relationships, a tool and objective, a function and instrument. The most attractive research problem is linguistic resources of philosophy, methods and styles of its representation.
Iconic and symbolic aspect of language reflects its intrinsic characteristics and functional tool options. The primary purpose of language is to provide meaning. This procedure is a cultural fact, a product of culture. Significant contribution to the treasury of language culture is dialogue. However, the most valuable incentive and creative resource has always been figurativeness.
The information picture of the modern world is extremely diverse and multifaceted. The effective functioning of a communicative space is possible on condition of permanent improvement of communication culture. The quality of education, educational process and educational services also greatly depends on the culture of communication. Moreover, in the modern educational sphere the culture of communication is functioning as the key factor that determines the success of the "mastery of knowledge"and ability to apply them effectively in practice in general and in the communication space respectively and first of all.

Keywords: language, reality, image, communication sphere, worldview, picture of the world, causal relationships.

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