Revko А. V., Chekh А. V Retrospective of theoretical approaches to sustainable local communities development

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УДК 35.071.5:332.145

DOJ 10.25140/2412-1185-2016-2(8)-135-142

А. М. Ревко, к. е. н.,
А. В. Чех, магістрант


Анотація. Дана стаття розкриває сутність основних підходів до визначення понять «сталий розвиток», «територіальна громада». Проаналізовано головні складові сталого розвитку та принципи їх реалізації. Дано авторське визначення поняття «сталий розвиток територіальних громад». Встановлено, що одним з найкращих показників сталого розвитку громади є індекс людського розвитку. Визначено головні пріоритети сталого розвитку територіальних громад.

Ключові слова: сталий розвиток, громада, територіальна громада, людський розвиток.


А. Н. Ревко, к. е. н.,
А. В. Чех, магистрант


Аннотация. Данная статья раскрывает сущность основных подходов к определению понятий «устойчивое развитие», «территориальная община». Проанализированы главные составляющие устойчивого развития и принципы их реализации. Дано авторское определение понятия «устойчивое развитие территориальных общин». Установлено, что одним из лучших показателей устойчивого развития общества является индекс человеческого развития. Определены главные приоритеты устойчивого развития территориальных общин.

Ключевые слова: устойчивое развитие, общество, территориальная община, человеческое развитие.

А. М. Revko, Candidate of Economic Sciences,
Associate Professor
А. V. Chekh, Master student


Abstract. This article covers the essence of the main approaches to the definition of "sustainable development", "local community". The main components of sustainable development and principles their implementation have been analyzed. The author's definition "sustainable development of local communities" has been suggested.
It was established that one of the best indicators of sustainable development of community is the human development index. The main priorities for the sustainable development of territorial communities have been determined.
In the modern conditions the sustainable community development becomes exceptionally relevant. Despite the innovations of the XXI century local communities have no clear idea about the essence of sustainable development and its impact on society.
Sustainable development can be interpreted in different ways. Obviously, the goal of sustainable development meets the needs of reality and is comprehensive and meaningful. There are different interpretations to what is the most essential for sustainable development. Some distinguishes the importance of preserving the functionality of nature and the environment, while others lay the emphasis on democracy and equality or the stable economic development of the society. Social aspects mainly are related to political institutions, where the most important for sustainability is democracy. The main idea is that the development should not cause social conflicts. In practice, this means that in the course of development, people have to take more control over personal life and social groups have the opportunity to participate in the decisions-making.
However, sustainability can be studied in the broader sense and in addition to the above components it includes a fourth one - cultural. Four components – the reliance of sustainability - must be equally present in the management of sustainable devel-opment. If most of the load transfers to one of the components, for example to the social, the whole system will become unstable. An important tool in achieving chang-es in the concept of sustainable and balanced development of society is the development of local communities, since it is a local community that plays a role of re-source users as well as the integral part of sustainable development.
According to the Law of Ukraine "On local self-government in Ukraine" a local community is residents combined by permanent residence within the village, the town, the city which are independent administrative-territorial units, or a voluntary association of residents of several villages that have a single administrative center.
Based on the given law a local community is part of a local government system along with a village, town and city council; a village, town, city mayor; executive bodies of the village, town or city council; district and regional councils, which represent common interests of the local communities of the villages, towns and cities; with selforganization bodies of population.
One of the most important components in the development of community is its sustainability. Sustainability is defined as the preservation of the results for a long time.
Community development must include not only economic development but also ensure the basic features for a long and healthy life, education, decent standards of living, the use of social and political for participation in the community life. The realization of human rights also acquires an importance, while the preservation of the environment is also important.
In our view, sustainable community development is a development in which every member of society or the association of citizens have the opportunity and rights to participate in the making of decisions, gaining control over their own lives and to influence social issues, such as improving the quality of life, health, culture and education on the specifically taken territory

Keywords: sustainable development, community, territorial community, human development.

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