Заблоцька Ю. В. Життєві стратегії сучасного українського студентства: зміст і типологія

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УДК 1:37.011 (477)

DOJ 10.25140/2412-1185-2016-2(8)-35-42

Ю. В. Заблоцька, аспірант


Анотація. У статті розглядаються основні риси життєвих стратегій сучасного українського студентства. Пропонується визначення життєвих стратегій та авторська типологія основних типів життєвих стратегій студентства у зв’язку із відповідним розумінням місця і ролі вищої освіти: кар’єрно-прагматична, універсально-освітня і адаптивно-конформістьська.

Ключові слова: вища освіта, студентство, життєва стратегія, мотивація.

Ю. В. Заблоцкая, аспирант


Аннотация. В статье рассматриваются основные черты жизненных стратегий современного украинского студенчества. Предлагается определение жизненных стратегий и авторская типология основных типов жизненных стратегий студенчества в связи с соответствующим пониманием места и роли высшего образования: карьерно-прагматическая, универсально-образовательная и адаптивно-конформистская.

Ключевые слова: высшее образование, студенчество, жизненная стратегия, мотивація.

Yu. V. Zablotska, Рostgraduate


Abstract. The article discusses the main features of life strategies of modern Ukrainian students. Life strategy of the person identified as the most complex phenomenon of generalized (universal) scale, which includes all other dimensions and categories that characterize human life in general and its behavior. Life strategy - a way of life organizing by the the man, the ability to bring living conditions in accordance with personality own values and individual uniqueness. At the same time life strategy – universal motivating system that encourages people to be active, to achieve their goals, to self-realization, self-understanding, self-expression etc. Life strategy is seen as a way of rational attitude to human own lives. The purpose of the strategy - mainly conscious management and design of the individual's own life by the gradual formation of the future, to build a hierarchy of meanings and purposes on the basis of certain social values. Other forms of rationalization (life plans, intentions, scenarios, etc.) are included in the strategy as a resource and the forms of embodiment (articulation) strategy.
Research and conclusions are based on the author's social studies (survey) conducted in 2015-2016 at 35 faculties of 16 Ukrainian universities in all macro-regions of Ukraine. Main crucial indicators are characterizing: the leading students' motivation towards learning, the factors that led to the choice the university and the faculty (specialty), awareness of the relevance of the specialty in the labor market now and in the future, the degree of independence (autonomy/dependence) in the self-determination and life choices. Attention is paid to the views of students on study and employment prospects abroad, to independent work of students to improve their skills and competencies, in particular language training etc.
The author's typology of the main types of life strategies of students in connection with the appropriate understanding of the place and role of higher education: career-pragmatic (focus on success, career achievement), universal education (set to general higher education and self-realization), and adaptive-conformist (orientation to receive formal education, on the circle of interesting dialogue, etc.).
In general it’s possible to say that the students are quite realistically assess the place and role of higher education in their own destiny and in the current context of Ukrainian realities. This place is not remeasured, students generally give aware of the fact that knowledge and diplomas in a crisis of uncertainty depreciate. Installation of the high academic achievement of students is inherent in the minority. Most people do not attach much importance as a learning process, and future careers. The common can be considered instrumentalism in achieving their goals, the relative devaluation of professionalism values up to exclusion from the labor conformism, lack of development of creative abilities, etc. It is obvious that the crisis activate and nourish in young minds the value of self-preservation and basic survival, making the «background» spiritual values. and making young people hostage material aspects of life.

Keywords: higher education, students, life strategy, motivation.

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